Hydrocephalic Ward

December 29, 2008

Hydrocephalic Ward (yeah, Ward Cleaver, that little bastard Beaver’s dad) is the title of my new collection. These stories have been nominated for several awards (including the Story South Million Writers Award).

In Hydrocephalic Ward, the new collection from Nathan Tyree, you will find robots for pedophiles, a man burning himself with cigarettes, a hospital where they keep you alive as long as you can pay, an abusive husband’s grief, group sex and its effects, a suicidal philosopher, Cinderella, Quetzalcoatl, a breast feeding corpse, zombies, Elvis having a very bad day, a poker player in over his head, cannibal children, Junkies, John the Baptist, bees, drinkers and people on the edge.

These are stories that both shock and move the reader.

“Wow! I’m still erect”

– Mitch Cullin (Tideland)

“Crams more malevolent nastiness and thought-provoking misanthropy into its every word and deed that your average Bret Easton Ellis.”

-Peter Wild, Editor of Noise and The Flash

Get it here or Here, for the Kindle.

Hydrocephalic Ward


Hot New Books From Gozu

December 19, 2008

The Darkness Inside By Joshua Weston. Joshua Weston, the mad man of internet horror, offers up terrifying tales of rage, mutilation and murder. These stories will rip your entrails out.

Zombie Lust By Nathan Tyree (the sicko that brought you Mr. Overby is Falling and How to Make Love Like a Zombie).

Welcome to Gozu

December 14, 2008

We at Gozu publish books. Weird books. We are looking for authors. What we want: surreal, horror, bizarro, dad, evil, sexy, strange, dark, and again, weird. People we have published include Nathan Tyree, James Horn, Joshua Weston and a few others. We also do the Magazine of the Dead anthologies.

To see some of our books you can look at this link to our books.

If you think you have something we may like, drop us an email at :


Hello world!

December 14, 2008

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